BB Pellets & Airsoft Ammo are UK airsoft retailers of BB pellets & 6mm airsoft ammo for all BB guns, including, gas, co2, spring, and electric handguns, pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, snipers, AEGs & electric machine guns. We sell polished plastic BB pellets, 6mm round plastic bullets & airsoft ammo from Bigfoot, Bulldog, G&G, Swiss Arms, Ultrasonic, Ares, Dual Code, Razor, Nuprol plus other leading brands. We stock a big choice of weights from the lighter 0.12g starter grade yellow or blue BB pellets, up to heavy weight 0.50g white or black airsoft sniper pellets, plus regular, tracer & bio degradable bb pellets, all with a big choice of pellet colours pack sizes and pellet quantities. All of our 6mm airsoft BB pellets are available from stock with fast dispatch.

BB Pellet & Airsoft Ammo Guide

0.12g / 0.20g – for use with all entry level spring guns, pistols & rifles – very light weight, good range - but will move in the wind - yellow & blue colours.

0.20g / 0.25g – for use with most spring, gas, co2 guns, pistols, rifles – best mix of weight & range available in regular & BIO - black & white colours.

0.25g / 0.30g – for use with gas, co2, electric guns & rifles – very popular for skirmish use – available in regular & BIO – white colour.

0.30g / 0.40g – for use with high FPS guns & rifles - available in regular & BIO – white, grey, black available.

0.40g / 0.50g – for use with high FPS sniper rifles – mainly available in black.

Biodegradable - "BIO" BBs will disintegrate after some time in your garden or on the airsoft site. Many skirmish sites now insist on BIO pellets for environmental reasons.

Tracers - these are Glow in the Dark Pellets - will leave a tracer or light trail as they fly towards the target - great for low light skirmish - work best with tracer magazines, tracer barrel add on units.

Please note that we only sell POLISHED airsoft BB pellets.


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Showing 1 - 22 of 22 products