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Model Technics are a specialist UK manufacturer of nitro and glow fuel for rc models cars, off road vehicles, boats, helicopters and planes. Your nitro engine powered rc model will require fuel to run on, and with the Model Technics range we have a great selection for you. We stock a full range of fuel products from Model Technics including QUICKFIRE and BIGBANG. On a technical not QwikFire is has an 18% oil content (13% EDL and 5% Castor) with 10% or 16% nitromethane and special additives to enable easy starting with any pull start engine. BigBang contains 10% EDL plus SICAL, and is designed for RACING with Trucks, Buggies & Racing Cars but is also equally suitable for Fun Use. 3D flyers are also reporting it to be the best fuel they have ever used. As a guide for 1/10 scale radio controlled rc cars and buggys we would recommend using Quickfire 16% fuels, or even Big Bang 20% for those who want that extra bit of power. When operating the larger monster trucks, such as the 1/8 Firestorm and upwards we would usually suggest Big Bang 25%, or 30%. If in unsure please consult the user manual for your actual model.

Please note that due to courier restrictions we can only delivery Nitro fuel to UK mainland delivery addresses.


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