Model Technics BigBang 20% Nitro Glow Fuel 2.27 Ltr Refill

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Product information

  • Big Bang Nitro glow fuel 20% 2.27 litre refill for RC model car truck and buggy
  • World-class fuels from Model Technics UK
  • Contains SICAL which means “Synergetic Ignition Combustion And Lubrication” additive
  • Container of 2.27 litres of quality UK made Nitro fuel.
Product Information
BigBang from Model Technics contains 10% EDL plus SICAL, which stands for “Synergetic Ignition Combustion And Lubrication”. The SICAL additive gives your nitro engine, uncritical needle settings, reduced head temperatures, consistent smooth running, noticeable power increase, prolonged peak power increase, smooth reliable tickover, strong dependable pick-up, minimal varnish and carbon, superb corrosion protection, and extremely long engine life. This is top quality glow fuel from Model Technics, the leading manufacturer in the UK of model. Designed for RACING with Trucks, Buggies and Racing Cars but equally suitable for fun use. Recommend for use with all performance nitro powered RC cars.



Technical specifications

Brand Model Technics
Condition New
Product Code T02-50117


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